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Halestorm is a rock band from Red Lion Pennsylvania currently consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale, her drummer brother Arejay Hale, guitarist Joe Hottinger, and bassist Josh Smith.

The band got its start with the siblings Arejay and Elizabeth “Lzzy” Hale, who wrote music and performed since 1997 at the ages of 10 and 13 respectively. This followed Lzzy learning piano at the age of 5 before progressing to the keytar and Arejay learning the drums. The siblings released two EPs in 1999 and 2003 and then added Joe Hotinger to their band. In the early days, the sibling’s father, Roger Hale, was also a member of the group as of 2004.

The group signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records on June 28, 2005 and released a live EP on April 28, 2006. The now out-of-print EP featured an early live version of the famous song, “It’s Not You.”. Soon after, the band released a self-titled debut album on April 28, 2009. The album was supported by “I Get Off” serving as the album’s hit single as well as the second version of “It’s Not You”.

But it wasn’t until the band’s second studio album where they could arguably have gained prominence. As its lead single “Love Bites (So Do I)” won the Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance on February 10, 2013.

Since then, Halestorm has been known for stunning music and a near-non-stop touring schedule with hundreds of concerts planned and played in most years. The band has also toured alongside some of rock and metal’s biggest names including Alice Cooper and Papa Roach. And fans have been hanging onto the expanding story of this band’s limitless growth to this very day.

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