Want recommendations on the best Halestorm songs to listen to? Or maybe you want to recommend essential songs to hype you and your friends up for the coming concert? Well here’s our selection of some of Halestorm’s best work.

“I am the Fire” seems like a tender cool song with the opening. But it doesn’t take long for the hard rock to hit with some stunning vocal worry from Lzzy. The piece has a lot of energy that has been considered a fan-favorite and a stunning example of what one of the best rock vocalists can do. 

Next check out “Love/Hate Heartbreak” which is a stunning example of Halestorm’s unstoppable growth as musicians. The video is as enchanting as the lyrics pull you in and refuses to let you go. A lot of fans come for the incredible guitarwork, but the vocals are undeniably a treat.

Finally, be sure to check out “Apocalyptic”. This song has some sick guitar licks and riffs that melds and blends smooth with Lzzy’s incredible vocal range. And it’s an unstoppable example of how amazing metal can be. In fact, it hit #1 on the US Billboard Rock Tracks chart.