Halestorm is a phenomenal stage presence during their live shows. Whether they are the opening act, a headliner, co-headliner, or one act in a festival, they have a way of grabbing the attention of the crowd. A huge part of this is the incredible instrumentation of the band as well as Lzzy’s vocals which are enchanting. Many critics and outlets describe Lzzy’s voice as being mesmerizing, where she captures your attention and carries you along on a musical journey.

Musically, the band clearly owes a lot of it’s sounds to the best elements of hard rock with some touches of heavy metal especially with the guitar work. Their tunes are head-bangers and seeing fans dancing on the floor is a common sight. 

There’s also an undeniable chemistry that forms between the band and the crowd that makes every show feel intimate. Many fans say that they feel close to Halestorm with some even saying that the band’s  music feels like it was played for them.

July 2024

August 2024